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Breathless Boudoir: a beauty, boudoir, and fine art portrait studio
Breathless Boudoir: Boudoir portrait studio session

Breathless Boudoir: a boudoir photography studio located in Charlottesville, Virginia and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

My goal in life is to empower people to see their own beauty. A friend of mine recently said, "Jen is a warrior. She is locked in full combat with body shame. And she is winning, one person at a time." (It made me cry, what can I say, I'm a sap!) The perfect world, in my eyes, is a world where men and women are equal (not men above women OR women above men), and a person's worth is not based on their size and shape, but rather their integrity as a person-- a world where everyone feels beautiful no matter their size, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Because we are all human, and we all deserve to feel beautiful and loved.

Boudoir photography gives you a chance to embrace your sensual side in a safe, judgement free environment. As our client, you'll have permission to flaunt it without shame, to strut your stuff and release that inner vixen. I'll direct you into poses that flatter your body type and fit your personality, even down to your fingers and toes! So rest assured, you don't have to have any modeling experience to look gorgeous!

Think you're too ________ (old, overweight, frumpy, disconnected with sensuality) for a boudoir photo shoot? Well, you can put that thought on the shelf because you don't need it anymore! Our clients have ranged from ages 20-65 and I'm looking forward to photographing someone in their 70's, 80's or 90's! They have been from all walks of life; attorneys, stay at home moms, religion teachers, librarians, brides, divorcees, etc. Our mission is to provide you with an avenue in which to explore your sensuality at any point in life.

Breathless Boudoir is located in Charlottesville, Virginia, serving the surrounding areas including Richmond & Washington DC. We also have a location in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, serving the southern region including New Orleans & Lafayette.

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Karen by Breathless Boudoir
I am still speechless, and every time I tell somebody about my experience, I get choked up and my eyes well up with tears.
Bethany by Breathless Boudoir
The confidence and smile I've been wearing since my shoot has been priceless - THANK YOU JEN & MAX!
Kim by Breathless Boudoir
I had been so critical of myself, seeing all of my flaws, that I missed my true beauty ... I have a new found confidence and appreciation for my body.
Teresa by Breathless Boudoir
I've been so critical of myself and how I look - you took that away and captured a view of myself I haven't seen for so long. For that, there are no words to express my gratitude.
Empowering people through sensual portraiture.
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