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Wild Woman Model Call - No experience needed - Breathless Boudoir


Hello wild women!

Does being in nature make your wild heart sing?  Is it where you feel most at peace with yourself and the world?  Do you long to find a way to connect to the BIG parts of you that you don’t quite know how to express just yet?  Are you ready for a transformation?

I need your help!  I’m working on a project to help “rewild” the wild women, and I need 3 brave women to be volunteers for me.  I would love to showcase women who are under represented in the media: women of color, gloriously curvy women, gender fluid/transgender women, and if you’re over the age of 35.

*Also huge perk if you’re a writer, or love to write and would be willing to share the experience in your own words so other women can know what it’s like.

The Shoot

My goal is for the photos that we create together to evoke a sense of liberation and empowerment.  We will be in the woods, in a bamboo grove, and by my pond.  I’ve created a Pinterest board with some wardrobe ideas for the looks I’d like to achieve.  I already have tons of fine art nude photos outdoors, so I’m only looking to do the looks from the “Light & Natural” and “Bold” sections**.  Let me know which one fits your personality more.  Your photo shoot will take place in April at my 10 acres of paradise in Barboursville, Virginia.

Check out some of my outdoor shoots HERE, HERE and HERE.

**it wouldn’t take much arm twisting if you really wanted to do a nude set as well.

What you’re volunteering for

  • Complimentary Breathless Boudoir Session in Nature
  • Professional Hair & Makeup by the talented Nicole Laughlin (optional)
  • Pose coaching & facial expression directing (you don’t have to know anything about posing)
  • The chance to order photos from your session for a lifetime reminder of your beautiful wild heart


  • Must be 21+
  • Must be willing to sign a model release giving me full permission to use your photos online and in print

How to Apply

  • Comment on this blog (this let’s Google know this blog is relevant to people)
  • Let other ladies know!  Share this blog on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Fill in the form below: (your information will be kept private)


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