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I cannot begin to tell you how amazing y'all made me feel! I have wanted to do boudoir photos for several years, and my experience with y'all far exceeded anything I could have ever imagined. From the moment that my appointment was booked, to the minute I walked in the door of your studio, I was so very excited about my session! I honestly did not have the slightest idea how very different I would be when my shoot was over and I had seen myself from your side of the camera! The hair, the makeup, the music, the posing....I truly felt like a supermodel. Both of you made me so comfortable! I was not nervous at all! It was so much fun! When I returned to the studio to see my pictures, I was completely in awe! The first image of me appeared, and it was breathtaking. I was absolutely beautiful! As each new picture came on the screen, I was awed even more. I cannot say enough times how amazing I felt, and even more about how your photos made me look. I am still speechless, and every time I tell somebody about my experience, I get choked up and my eyes well up with tears. I am eternally grateful to the both of you for giving me the opportunity to do this. My life is forever changed by my experience with the two of you and my session at your studio. Every woman should experience that at least once in their life! I am so proud to be a Breathless Boudoir client!!

Grateful, speechless, and in love with my pictures! Karen
Though I was incredibly nervous, Jen & Max are the kind of people who just put you at ease. They are so sweet and do everything they can to make you feel comfortable. Their technical skill is only matched by their awesome personalities!

Being able to see the shots after my session was incredible. I audibly gasped and had my jaw dropped when I saw them because I couldn't believe how good they were!! I had walked in thinking I needed to pick one photo that I could tolerate enough to have printed and give to my fiancé. But I actually loved so many that I had trouble paring down the shots to fit into a book!! I have NEVER liked photos of myself with clothes on or liked the way my body looked, so it was nothing short of revolutionary to actually love pictures of myself in lingerie, and I entirely have Jen & Max and their artistry to thank for it! My motivation for the shoot may have been a gift for my fiancé, but really it ended up being the biggest gift to myself. I would recommend a Breathless Boudoir shoot for any woman looking for the ultimate self-esteem tuneup. The confidence and smile I've been wearing since my shoot has been priceless-THANK YOU JEN & MAX!!! Bethany
I am not a person who finds myself sexy or beautiful. I mulled over doing this for quite a while. It took a lot of encouragement from my friends to take the plunge and book my session. I kept telling myself that I was doing this for my husband and prayed that he would love it. I was a little nervous before the session. Not nearly as nervous as I thought I would be. I kept thinking, “I am about to be half naked in front of people I don’t know”. Which is scary for someone who hasn’t owned a pair of shorts or swimsuit since I was 12. The nerves went away as I was getting my hair and makeup done.

Once I saw the pictures I was blown away. I remember telling Jen and Max that they did a fantastic job. It wasn’t until Max said, “Kim, that is all you” that I was hit with overwhelming emotion. I was stunning! After Jen and Max left I broke down. I had been so critical of myself, seeing all of my flaws, that I missed my true beauty. Doing a boudoir session has completely changed the way I look at myself. I have a new found confidence and appreciation for my body. It feels so fulfilling to finally believe my husband when he looks into my eyes and tells me that I’m beautiful. Breathless Boudoir gave that to me and I am so incredibly grateful for that. Kim
I typically don't care for pictures of myself and did have some hesitations about what to wear, how to pose, how to look pretty, but when the session started you made me feel instantly at ease capturing moments when I was being just myself.

You made me look and feel beautiful! Something I haven't felt in a long time. With the struggles I have been through with my health I've been so critical of myself and how I look - you took that away and captured a view of myself I haven't seen for so long. For that, there are no words to express my gratitude.

This experience was, to me, so much more than just the beautiful pictures you captured, it was genuine compassion of the beauty you see in others. You made me feel good about myself and showed me what others see when they look at me. It was the most wonderful experience and I will recommend it to anyone.

You two are incredible people, you have the best hearts to be able to make others feel that good about themselves. You made me laugh and relax. Once I walked in the door I didn't for a moment feel like I was around strangers. Teresa
I'm a degreed writer but I'm not sure I can put into words what I'm feeling. I was absolutely awestruck with the images today. Your dedication to your craft and to the women who entrust themselves to you is unparalleled. The talent and genuine care you possess comes through in every picture of every woman. I was facing a personal crisis and was looking for an outlet so I could feel better about myself. Over the past several years I had started to loose touch with myself and my identity. Seeing those first pictures I started to remember who I am, and that the sky is the limit! I am so lucky to have met you and I thank you so very genuinely for allowing me the opportunity to see a part of me that I didn't really know was there.

I so look forward to working with the both of you again. Next time on my "turf"!
Thank you so much! Can't wait for the images!! Michelle
I had a last minute panic attack because I am a pretty simple girl. I don't wear fancy lingerie or dress up much and I was scared that would reflect in my shoot. After my middle of the night email, Jen let me know that it was ok to be me. My pictures certainly reflected that! The outfit choice and styling suited me perfectly and it showed in my attitude in the pictures.

Thank you so much for making me feel comfortable and helping me find the beauty within myself! You reminded me that I am a woman worthy of doing things for myself and my shoot with Breathless Boudoir was the beginning of a journey that I am so excited to experience!

Thank you both again, for putting me at ease and reminding me that I am worthy! Jen
I have the inner cynic that most women have about what they dislike about their bodies (my nose is too big, I'll never have a flat stomach, I have the legs and hips of a 12 year old boy), but then being paralyzed brings another load of flaws and self confidence issues to worry about.

I stalked...uhmm, I mean, scoured ;) their Facebook, website, blog, & Pinterest leading up to the appointment. When I looked at the gorgeous women and their bowed backs and long-legged, high heeled feet arched just so, I had distinct moments of "Oh God, this is never going to work." "I'm going to look so stupid” But it did work... 200 times better than I could have imagined.

From the moment you get there, the focus is on you but not so much that you feel like a bug under a microscope. And can I please live in a world where everyday I only have to get up and brush my teeth because someone else is going to do my hair and make up? You're going to be nervous (less so once things get started) and feel silly. That's okay. Don't let that take over having fun though. It's okay to stop and laugh. Somehow it's a lot less awkward taking clothes off in front of people you just met with a camera than strangers at a doctors office. It's because they don't just point a camera at you and say go. Jen & Max are fantastic. I never felt inferior or limited in posing. Even in the one or two times I had to say I didn't have have the balance for something, or that position wasn't going to work, there was no awkward hesitation. It was a quick "no problem," and off to the next direction. I loved that they didn't simply ask you to pose. Oh, how laughable those pictures would have turned out.

They guided me through the process seamlessly. It was a lot easier to get out of my own head and listen to their directions than I thought. They give direction, and ask your opinion, and move around and hum with the music. They're nice, real people. Things are going to feel over the top, but if a man can strike a sexy pose less than two feet from his wife then you can at least try to imitate it. The session feels like five minutes but at the same time I was so surprised when it was over that something so amazing only took an hour and a half. Then after you’re shipped off to lunch you come back to see the pictures. I stared at the screen wondering how that could be me. You're not so made up and photoshopped that you don't look like yourself. It's was me, but the me I pictured in my head when trying to channel sexy. Seeing visual proof of that mental image is 400% better than expected. You're pretty much going to want every single picture. Also, schedule something to go do after the shoot because you leave feeling like a million bucks, you're all dolled up, and you're dying to tell someone what just happened. Katy
OMG! Jen and Max, you are amazing! The album is...the pictures are....there are no words! Beautiful does not even come close to describing what I think of them! They are gorgeous, yes...but they are so much more than that.

When I look thru the album, not only do I remember how much FUN we had that day, but I can a way i never have...WHY Jeffrey and I are so good together. From the sensuous to the playful, each picture is a physical testament to what we feel for each other. It's there in every single frame. Every one reminded me...or maybe PROVED to me....that we are more than lovers; we are friends.

I cannot say thank you enough for the experience of a lifetime! When I first booked the shoot, I was planning for some sexy fodder that would spice up our infinite text conversations. What I ended up with, is a timeless work of art that I will proudly show anyone who has the balls to be curious about it. Amy
I don’t think many of us realize how often we look at ourselves in the mirror without really seeing ourselves. I put on makeup every day and see eyes, nose, lips, a belly that I think is too big…. but this experience showed me an image of myself as a complete individual. The photos captured a spark that’s in me, that I had forgotten I have. If a picture is worth a thousand words, that remembrance is worth a thousand pictures. Sarah I can’t thank you enough for my amazing experience with you guys through Breathless Boudoir. I was a bit terrified of putting myself out there in all my “skinny glory”. But I had to do something for my 25th birthday to boost my confidence. You guys were so open and easy to talk to that by the time my hair and make-up were done, I wasn’t worried about my inability to be photogenic – heck, I was ready for my close up! You made me feel confident that you’d find the angles that were uniquely flattering for my body. From assuming the position yourselves, to asking me to make the most obnoxious laugh ever just to capture the natural laugh that was sure to follow, you guided me to be seductive, and dare I say it, beautiful.

The shoot itself was unbelievably fun, but I was absolutely blown away when we sat down to view what you had captured. I didn’t see an uber-self-conscious skinny girl, I suddenly saw the confident 25 year old that I want to be. So what if I don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model – they don’t look like me! I couldn’t believe how amazing you made me look. No matter how insecure you are, when you’re in the hands of talented photographers such as yourselves, the results are nothing short of awe-inspiring.

I can’t wait to have my pictures - the confidence this shoot gave me is beyond priceless. This was only going to be a “happy birthday to me”, but after this experience, I want to do a session every year just to have fun! You guys are truly AWESOME and I can’t wait to work with you again! Stefanie
I truly believe that a session with Jen and Max at Breathless Boudoir should be experienced by everyone. My husband tells me all the time that I am beautiful, but I have never seen it. All I have seen before is everything that could be changed..the unruly hair, excess weight in all the wrong places..etc. It wasn't until my session with Jen and Max that I finally was able to see the beauty and sexiness in myself. From the moment I met them, they made me feel comfortable and relaxed. After meeting everyone I went into hair and makeup, and the wonderful stylists did an amazing job!!

Then it was time for the photo session. Max and Jen were so easy to work with. The entire session I felt both relaxed and sexy. Everything came together when it was time to look at the photos. They were so amazing, beautiful, and sexy that I teared up. At that moment I saw the beauty and sexiness in myself that I had never before seen. It was definitely an experience that I would recommend to everyone and that I will never forget! Summer
My experience with Breathless Boudoir was one of the best experiences of my life thus far. Jen and Max greeted me with such excitement and eagerness to start the shoot! They are truly an amazing couple and talented beyond words. I immediately felt at ease and ready to start the day.

That morning the hair and makeup team got to work pampering me while I sipped wine. That was amazing! I loved getting pampered by the ladies. I need that to happen every morning! My hair was exactly what I wanted and the makeup was stunning.

Actually shooting the photos was an amazing and liberating experience. Judgement was checked at the door because each and every woman is beautiful and a work of art. Jen and Max coach you through poses and capture your beauty and confidence. We laughed and had so much fun the entire time!

I couldn't be more happy with my day with Jen and Max and how the photos came out afterwards. The photos rendered me speechless! The photos were everything I wanted and more. I was in awe of the amazing work that they did. They are so very talented and gifted. I would strongly recommend that everyone treat either themselves or a loved one to these photos!

Thank you, thank you Jen and Max!! Meagan