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It was a chilly December night and I stepped into Mono Loco, a popular music venue in Charlottesville, for Adar’s show.  I hadn’t seen her before, so I didn’t know what I was in for.  I was practicing doing things in public on my own to overcome my social anxiety, so I was nervous.  Then this tiny, gorgeous creature walked onto the set and picks up the microphone.  Her stage presence was so real, so honest and raw.  As soon as she opened her mouth to sing nothing but a deep velvety smoke poured out and caressed my eardrums.  I forgot I was nervous.  Standing in the front of the crowd, I started to sway my hips to the beats.  Gently at first, then as the rhythms grow so did the motions of my hips.  I didn’t care if anyone else was dancing, I couldn’t help but dance to every single song they played.  I was mesmerized and vowed at that moment to go to every possible Adar show that I could.

Fast forward a couple months later.  I posted a model call blog post asking for a guinea pig to come try out this AMAZING hotel room in Richmond, Virginia with a to-die-for-tub surrounded by windows.  Who responded? None other than Adar herself!  To say the shoot was an inspiration would be an understatement.  Being able to share my talent with a woman who has an incredible amount of talent herself was just awe-inspiring!  We had a blast for her shoot!

I love this woman for being so unapologetically her.

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I’m working on digging deeper and finding what that means for my boudoir sessions.  For me, it’s not just about creating beautiful photos.  It’s about enhancing women’s lives in ways that bring them more joy, happiness and self acceptance.  I want to help women who want to transform their lives, and I need your help in doing that.  I need to know what I did for you that worked.  Or what was it about the process that opened your eyes to a new world, however big or subtle.  ALL stories are worthwhile stories.

I have countless clients that have told me this happened for them, but I’ve never written any of them down to share them with the world.  From the woman who cried when she saw her photos because she didn’t realize she wasn’t the “fat kid” anymore until she saw her image on the screen, even after losing 100lbs.  To the woman who ended an abusive relationship because she was finally able to find her self worth.  I want to know how it happened, what was it about the boudoir experience that shifted something in you?  Did I help you to find your self worth?  Your self acceptance?  You sensuality that you thought you lost or didn’t have?  How has that affected your life?  Who were you before the session?  And how are you different since your session?


I want women to know how much deeper a boudoir session can go than just being about the pretty pictures.  Help me put words to what a boudoir session can be!

If sitting down and writing makes you feel stumped and freaks you out (which is sometimes my experience), then let’s chat about it!  We can chat on the phone, through facebook messenger, what’s app, Skype, etc.  I can ask you questions that go deeper into your experience.  Just let me know you’re open to sharing and we’ll take it from there!



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Hello my lovelies!  I just wanted to post this quick travel notice to let you all know where I’ll be for upcoming shoots.  If you’re looking for an adventurous shoot, pick the Destin or Bali location and let’s plan some magic!

July 5-8 – Destin Florida, Beach Boudoir

July 22-24 – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

August 29-31 – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

November 6-18 – Bali, Indonesia

In between these dates I’ll be doing shoots in Washington DC, Charlottesville & Richmond, Virginia.  (and wherever else the wind takes me).

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Boudoir Photography and Yoga Retreat:

KAUAI, HAWAII – JUNE 4-8, 2017

Women’s Empowerment Retreat through
boudoir photography, yoga and meditation

Breathe in. Breathe out.  Leave breathless.


This will be the experience where you find parts of your soul that you never knew existed, or have forgotten were there.  For 5 days, we’ll live fiercely and Continue reading →

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Richmond Virginia Boudoir Photography

I’m looking for one lucky lady to join me on the morning of May 5 for a Richmond Virginia boudoir photography photo shoot. I have booked a suite that I am ridiculously excited about!  There is a luxury tub with a wall of windows behind it.  That means you will be bathed in gorgeous light while you’re being bathed in silky bubbles!  I need someone to take sample photos of in the suite to use on my blog.  This is the perfect chance if you’ve been on the fence about doing a boudoir shoot.  You’ll get a complimentary session and makeover!


Richmond Virginia Boudoir Photography


What I’m looking for:

  • I need ONE lovely lady to meet me on the morning of May 5 in Richmond, Virginia
  • You must be 25 years or older (no maximum age limit)
  • No modeling experience necessary
  • Must be willing to sign a model release allowing me to use your photos (Facebook [no tagging], blog posts, marketing, etc.)
  • Must be willing to be topless (I don’t think a swim suit in a tub would look too luxurious 😉

What you get:

  • A complimentary boudoir photo shoot
  • You get to see your photos the same day
  • Professional hair & makeup makeover
  • The option to order photos from the shoot if you so choose

How to apply:

First “like” (if on FB or IG) and comment on this post!  Help me to get the word out there!  After you’ve done that, fill out the form below!

*Perks if your share the post as well and tag your friends who may be interested! Let me know where you’ve shared it!

**Double perks if you’re brave enough to share the photos that we take on your own social media and blast my name! (Shameless self promotion… ha ha!)  Continue reading →

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I’ve always been curious about what happens when the excitement from the boudoir photography experience fades.  Do people still look at their photos?  Are they still excited?  Is there a lasting effect form the photo shoot?  I got to have these questions answered recently by Maren.  Her session was almost a year ago.


Do you still look at your photos? 

All the time!

Did your session change anything about the way you see yourself?  Was that a lasting effect?

Yes, it made me more comfortable with my body as a whole, because I now have photos of a side of me that typically won’t get photographed!

Did you noticed any changes between the two of you after your session?

Yes, he wouldn’t leave me alone! But in all seriousness yes, because i was more comfortable in my body, I was a lot more comfortable with my husband.
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Boudoir sessions will be available in New Orleans February 5-10.  Call now to book your date, or fill out the form below.  MAKE SURE you enter your email address correctly so I can get back to you! Sessions are limited to what you see above, I’ll try to keep this up to date as much as possible but I’ll be traveling for the next month.  Helloooo SUNSHINE!

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“For the most part I am fearless in all situations, however, this one struck fear in me as the former fat girl and the not your standard body type girl. Even with that, in the past years and with 100+ pound weight loss, I have learned to embrace my body’s unique attributes.”

“I wanted to do this initially for my fiancé, because he loves my body, but the more I thought about it, I wanted to do it for myself too. And in the end I am so glad that I did. The experience itself, was comfortable from beginning to end and the process was very easy. The results were amazing, and honestly made me feel like I was 25 again. Actually better than 25, because I’m much more secure in who I am now at 41.”

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