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Looking for your boudoir transformation stories - Breathless Boudoir

I’m working on digging deeper and finding what that means for my boudoir sessions.  For me, it’s not just about creating beautiful photos.  It’s about enhancing women’s lives in ways that bring them more joy, happiness and self acceptance.  I want to help women who want to transform their lives, and I need your help in doing that.  I need to know what I did for you that worked.  Or what was it about the process that opened your eyes to a new world, however big or subtle.  ALL stories are worthwhile stories.

I have countless clients that have told me this happened for them, but I’ve never written any of them down to share them with the world.  From the woman who cried when she saw her photos because she didn’t realize she wasn’t the “fat kid” anymore until she saw her image on the screen, even after losing 100lbs.  To the woman who ended an abusive relationship because she was finally able to find her self worth.  I want to know how it happened, what was it about the boudoir experience that shifted something in you?  Did I help you to find your self worth?  Your self acceptance?  You sensuality that you thought you lost or didn’t have?  How has that affected your life?  Who were you before the session?  And how are you different since your session?


I want women to know how much deeper a boudoir session can go than just being about the pretty pictures.  Help me put words to what a boudoir session can be!

If sitting down and writing makes you feel stumped and freaks you out (which is sometimes my experience), then let’s chat about it!  We can chat on the phone, through facebook messenger, what’s app, Skype, etc.  I can ask you questions that go deeper into your experience.  Just let me know you’re open to sharing and we’ll take it from there!



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